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Meditation Spaces You Didn’t Know You Had

Source: Surrey Hills Garden Buildings

Meditation boosts mental clarity, reduces stress, and enhances wellness, perfect for urban dwellers with limited space. Finding a spot can be challenging, but you don’t need a dedicated room.

Here are some unexpected places to turn into your meditation spaces.

  • Personal Car

Your car can be an excellent meditation spot. It offers privacy, whether in your driveway or a quiet parking lot. Ensure it’s safely parked, then close your eyes, focus on your breath, and let the outside world fade. This is especially helpful during lunch breaks or after a long day at work.

  • The Bathroom Shower

The bathroom shower is perfect for a quick meditation. The flowing water and warmth can calm your mind and focus your thoughts. Feel the water, steam, and heat, using this moment to relax in solitude. Dim the lights or light candles for a soothing atmosphere. Soft lighting enhances relaxation and concentration during meditation.

  • Public Parks

Meditation is simple and accessible to everyone. Fresh air, natural light, and outdoor sounds can enhance your meditation experience, making you feel more energised and connected to the world. Public parks often have hidden nooks and quiet trails where you can find serenity. Look for a secluded bench, a shaded tree, or a peaceful patch of grass. Nature can improve meditation, providing calmness and a connection to the earth.

  • Personal Bed

Your bed can be a peaceful spot for meditation. Sit upright against the headboard or lie down, focusing on your breath and releasing tension. It’s convenient and comfortable, especially for busy individuals. Meditating on your bed creates a serene atmosphere for starting your day or winding down before sleep. This simple practice can transform your bed into a retreat for relaxation and mindfulness.

  • Under Your Desk

Consider meditating under your desk if you work from home or have a private office. This cocoon-like spot offers privacy and a quick retreat. Sit comfortably, close your eyes, and focus on your breath. Just a few minutes can enhance your mental focus and efficiency. Transforming this area into a meditation nook provides a peaceful break from your hectic schedule. You’ll be surprised at how this hidden spot can become your sanctuary for mindfulness amidst your busy day.

  • The Library

Many libraries now include meditation and prayer rooms, perfect for quiet, contemplative practices and mindful activities like yoga. These calm environments are ideal for meditation. Libraries offer a serene setting for mindfulness. Discovering various sections in the library allows you to create a private retreat amid a hectic environment. Find a quiet spot, sit, and focus on your breath. The presence of books enhances your peacefulness, and the structured silence promotes deep relaxation.

  • Balcony or Terrace

You can transform your balcony or terrace into a peaceful meditation space with a few simple changes. Creating this dedicated area allows you to enjoy the benefits of mindfulness and nature, establishing a private sanctuary that enhances your well-being. The fresh air and outdoor setting elevate your experience. Sit comfortably with a cushion and focus on the surrounding sounds. This refreshing change of environment can reinvigorate your mind and spirit.

  • Stairwells

In large buildings, stairwells often offer quiet, underused spaces ideal for meditation. Choose a time with minimal foot traffic, find a step to sit on, and meditate. The change from the usual hustle can be refreshing and revitalising. Adding soothing artwork and using natural materials like wood can enhance the tranquil atmosphere.

  • Garden

A garden is one of the most peaceful places for meditation, blending nature’s calmness with solitude. Creating meditation spots in your garden reestablishes your connection with nature and fosters tranquillity. These backyard sanctuaries aid relaxation and rejuvenation. Picture yourself among colourful flowers, under a tree, or near a water feature.

  • Friend’s House

If your house is too noisy, you can ask a friend if you can use a peaceful area in their house for meditation. Occasionally, simply shifting surroundings and having a supportive atmosphere can be incredibly impactful.

  • Work Break Rooms

Workplace meditation rooms offer a peaceful escape from work stress. Unlike noisy break rooms, these calming spaces promote serenity. Often empty during non-working hours, they offer a quiet spot to sit, close your eyes, and practice meditation techniques such as mindfulness or visualisation, helping you rejuvenate and refresh during a busy day.

  • Personal Wardrobe

Your wardrobe might seem unusual, but it can be a cosy meditation space. Clear some room, add a pillow, and close the door. The enclosed area can help you feel secure and focused.


Finding time and a quiet place for meditation can be challenging, but unique locations in your daily routine can work perfectly. Whether it’s your car, the bathroom, or a secluded natural spot, these hidden spaces can provide the serenity needed for effective meditation. Embrace these places and turn them into peaceful retreats for mindfulness.