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Will a shift of the Earth's axis

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On January 19, 1934 Edgar Cayce while in a trance-like state channeled the following information:


As to the material changes that are to be as an omen, as a sign to those that this is shortly to come to pass - as has been given of old, the sun will be darkened and the earth shall be broken up in divers places - and THEN shall be PROCLAIMED - through the spiritual interception in the hearts and minds and souls of those that have sought His way - that HIS star has appeared, and will point the way for those that enter into the holy of holies in themselves.


As to the changes physical again: The earth will be broken up in the western portion of America. The greater portion of Japan must go into the sea. The upper portion of Europe will be changed as in the twinkling of an eye. Land will appear off the east coast of America. There will be the upheavals in the Arctic and in the Antarctic that will make for the eruption of volcanoes in the Torrid areas, and there will be shifting then of the poles - so that where there has been those of a frigid or the semi-tropical will become the more tropical, and moss and fern will grow. And these will begin in those periods in '58 to '98, when these will be proclaimed as the periods when His light will be seen again in the clouds. As to times, as to seasons, as to places, ALONE is it given to those who have named the name - and who bear the mark of those of His calling and His election in their bodies. To them it shall be given.


The Earth will be broken up in many places. The early portion will see a change in the physical aspect of the west coast of America. There will be open waters appear in the northern portions of Greenland. There will be new lands seen off the Caribbean Sea, and DRY land will appear.


Reading 3976-15



Ruth Montgomery also wrote of a pole shift in many of her books that were authored by her unseen "Guides" through the process of automatic writing. While both Cayce and Montgomery give similar information on what will happen they differ on the causes of the shift.





For those of you unfamiliar with Ruth Montgomery (now deceased) she provided a brief  summary of her career in what turned out to be her final book, A World to Come1:


".....I had begun my Washington career [as a syndicated columnist] by covering the White House press conferences of President Franklin D. Roosevelt, ....and I had also been elected president of the Women's National Press Club....and during the ensuing years had covered every national nominating convention and had also traveled with the presidential candidates on their campaigns. I had also traveled abroad to interview heads of state, and covered the State Department and Congress in their Washington activities.


Like most newspaper reporters, I had little awareness of psychic happenings, and no belief in them whatsoever. Then my sister-in-law, Rhoda Montgomery, insisted that my husband and I accompany her to a séance in St. Petersburg, Florida and we reluctantly agreed. So many intriguing messages came through that I could not explain, that I told my editor about it, and Kingsbury Smith, the President of International News Service (INS), asked me to write a series of articles on what happens to a female reporter who goes to séances. This sounded like a refreshing change of pace from going to the White House and Congress every day in pursuit of news, so I went to many darkened-room séances and apparently communicated with ghosts instead of politicians and diplomats.


My ensuing eight-part series ran in hundreds of newspapers through-out the country, and to our amazement it produced more response from readers than anything else that INS had ever published. As a doubter myself, I had not tried to sell the subject, and I carefully pointed out the incidences that to me seemed fraudulent, as well as those for which I could find no other explanation than otherworldly. Later I incorporated some of the material into a book called A Search for the Truth.


By that time I had met Arthur Ford, the noted medium who broke the Houdini code that the famous magician and his wife had created before his death, to see if whichever one passed on first could actually contact the other. While in a deep trance Ford succeeded in making contact with Houdini, and conveyed his spirit message to his wife through the code. Intrigued by this, I attended a speech that Ford delivered at a church in Washington D.C. and afterward asked if I might interview him for my column. He acquiesced, offered a séance, and during it brought in my deceased father, who gave me evidential information that Ford himself could not have known. We became friends, and Ford subsequently declared he was receiving psychically that I would be able to do automatic writing. He explained that this meant receiving material written on paper from entities who were now in the spirit plane, and told me how to proceed.


Always keen for a new adventure, but exceedingly skeptical, I sat daily at the same hour at my desk and, after meditation and a silent prayer for protection, rested a pencil tip lightly on a sheet of paper. For days nothing happened, but on the tenth day the pencil began to write, and when later I opened my eyes I could read messages from deceased family members. Then one day it drew a lily, wrote the word Lily with a flourish, and announced that thereafter he would identify himself in that manner.  Beautiful philosophy began to flow from the daily writing, and since then Lily has gathered together a group of discarnates who have dictated most of the material for my fifteen books. After his death, Arthur Ford joined the writing group, and I now refer to them collectively as the Guides.


It is some of the material from these 15 books that we will examine to see if we can get a better understanding of the specific causes and warning signs of a possible shift of the Earth's axis.



Pole Shift Warning Signs


In a book written in 1971 called A World Beyond which was about life in the spirit world after death, we get our first reference to possible future events:


I was so intrigued by his [Arthur Ford] assertion that on his [spirit] plane  souls see "a longer spectrum of time" that I asked if he could prophecy some coming events.....


Among the many predictions was one about the weather:


Weather changes? Steadily increasing smog and contamination which automatically change weather by smoke-screening the Earth from the Sun and Moon. Hotter where it is hot and colder where it is cold until the last decade of this century, when a major shift of the axis occurs and weather will be so drastically altered that it will be difficult to recognize former vegetations in various spots of the Earth. Many people will not survive this shift, but others will, because after a period of churning seas and frightful wind velocities the turbulence will cease, and those in the north will live in a tropical clime and vice versa. Before the year 2000 it will come to pass.



The World Before (1976), details what life was like on pre-historic Earth and includes chapters on Atlantis and Lemuria (or Mu) many thousands of years ago. We once again find a section on predictions called "Prognostications" and we start to get a few more details on what may cause the shift:


.....it will be the tinkering again with solar and nuclear forces, as well as volcanic eruptions that we see tilting the earth in the last of this century. Watch for a cooling trend.....and cyclones of increasing velocity that will herald the approach of the shift. Some will talk of a new Ice Age, but it is actually the harbinger of the alteration of the Earth's position in relation to the Sun.



Published in 1979, her next book Strangers Among Us devotes an entire chapter to the shift. In this chapter we find:

"The shift will have its warnings", the Guides wrote one morning. The weather will become increasingly violent, with heavy snowfalls, strong gales, and increased humidity. There will be rumblings beneath the earth, and the trees will sway. Shortly before the actual shift, there will be two specific types of warnings:


1) The eruptions of ancient volcanoes in Mediterranean islands, South America, and California will result in pestilence, and


2) shortly thereafter earth tremors of major proportions, affecting wide land-masses in northern Europe, Asia, and South America, will provoke tidal waves of monumental scope.


These, then, will be the forerunners of the shift itself, and for days and nights beforehand the Earth will seem to rock gently, as if soothing an infant in its trundle bed......there will be increasing earthquakes and volcanic eruptions in flat areas that had previously shown no signs of cones.


From 1982's Threshold to Tomorrow we find:


Snowfalls will increase as more moisture becomes trapped in the Earth's inner atmosphere and winds come howling down out of the arctic. Summer will shorten for those in the Northern Hemisphere, and as the time nears for the shift, there will be noticeable changes in atmospheric pressure. Several years before the actual shift, scientists will be taking soundings and speaking of an increased wobbling of the Earth. Volcanoes will erupt in several areas of the North American continent, as well as the Caribbean and Mediterranean areas, and earthquakes will register more frequently on the Richter scale.


After the shift:


Canada and Russia will become warmer, as will parts of the United States, but other parts will become colder, as the Earth skews about on the axis....the South Pole will be in the southern part of South America, and the North Pole in the Pacific Ocean at some point that we are unable now to pinpoint.....Indiana will be one of the safer areas, as will Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Illinois except where the latter approaches the Mississippi, as that corridor leading down from the Great Lakes will become a river bed.



Here is a possible axis tilt that could fit the above scenario:


 Your ALT-Text here


This shows an axis tilt that would allow Russia and Canada to both be in warmer latitudes.




 Your ALT-Text here


This same tilt would cause the southeastern US to be warmer and the  northwest colder.




 Your ALT-Text here


Here we see  the South Pole in the southern part of South America. The North Pole looks like it might be in the Pacific Ocean somewhere northeast of Japan.



Also the statement,


and Illinois [is a safe area] except where the latter approaches the Mississippi, as that corridor leading down from the Great Lakes will become a river bed.


bears some scrutiny as I think most people would tend to think of Lake Superior as the likely choice of emptying into the Mississippi River since its tip is the closest to the river. If that were the case though, the above statement wouldn't make much sense because Illinois already has a long "corridor" with that river. If the Guides are talking about that they wouldn't say that the corridor would "become a river bed" because it already IS a river bed. If however this refers to Lake Michigan instead, it brings about an entirely different scenario. Then the Chicago area could be in danger if Lake Michigan emptied all its water  along a line that roughly follows the Illinois River through Joliet:



 Your ALT-Text here




 Your ALT-Text here



 Your ALT-Text here



The problem with the above scenario however, is that the land along the Illinois River is not land that "approaches the Mississippi". Another interpretation that would fulfill that requirement would be much more devastating and could look something like this:




 Your ALT-Text here



This then would make the land in Illinois "that approaches the Mississippi" unsafe because "that corridor that leads down from the Great Lakes will become river bed". To me it looks like northern Illinois is not somewhere you would want to be.



Another interpretation:



 Your ALT-Text here




You could also  consider this scenario with the idea that the current river bed of the Mississippi would be widened and so the adjacent lands would not be safe:



 Your ALT-Text here




Her next two books, Aliens Among Us (1985) and Herald of the New Age (1986) contained no new material about the shift except that the Guides saw it occurring in,


...the very last few months of the century as it looks from here, although as we have repeatedly said Earth time is not relative in terms of the cosmos. It is a man-made convenience timed to the Sun and earthly revolutions around it.



This last quote is a nice segue into Montgomery's final book The World to Come because the main thrust of the book is to announce that the shift of the axis has been delayed. Published in 1999 when the shift was predicted to occur by her Guides, it was nice to get an update and find out why it hadn't occurred yet:


Approximately five years ago (1994) the Guides said that they now foresaw a delay in the shift, explaining: "We have always told you that we could not tell you its exact time, because that is in God's hands. But we have also foreseen a Walk-in American president in place before then, preparing jobs and housing in safe areas. Since we do not now see a Walk-in president during this last decade of the century, we feel certain that the Shift will be delayed."


It was delayed because, as we told you, humans' awareness has improved these last few decades, and the need to cleanse the Earth of evil beings is less pertinent. Not that all evil is erased, by any means, but because man's functioning by God's laws is improving. We cannot give an exact date for the Shift, but it depends on continued development of man's spirit, and we do not see it happening until after the Walk-in president is in place, which will not occur for ten to fifteen years yet.


This then places the timing of the shift in the range of 2010-2015 and would mean that the next presidential election will be a very important one.


As to the cause of the Shift her Guides replied:


It will occur when the ice builds up to the highest degree at the poles, and the imbalance leads to a slip of the Earth on its side.





So what can we make of these various snippets of information that give various warning signs of an impending shift of the Earth's axis? It seems that a recurring theme in all these pronouncements can be summarized as follows:


1. increasing volcanic eruptions

2. increased snowfall

3. cooling temperatures & shortened summers

4. stronger hurricanes

5. talk of an Ice Age returning

6. tremendous ice build up near the poles

7. scientists detect wobble of axis

8. massive eruptions of ancient volcanoes in Mediterranean, California, South America & Caribbean area.

9. massive earthquakes provoke monumental tidal waves

10. axis shift


In looking at this list it almost seems that you can draw an arrow from the first item on the list to the next item. In other words, it looks like one leads to the next item. Also note in the Cayce reading quoted at the beginning of this article:


As to the material changes that are to be as an omen, as a sign to those that this is shortly to come to pass - as has been given of old, the sun will be darkened and the earth shall be broken up in divers places....


Could the "Sun...be darkened" perhaps by massive volcanic eruptions? Could the darkening of the Sun by the ash of massive volcanic eruptions then lead to cooler temperatures, increased snowfalls and talk of an Ice Age returning? A possible massive eruption of Krakatau in 535AD may well have caused such an event and ushered in what was termed the "Dark Ages". An excellent article on this possibility is explored by Ken Wohletz, Were the Dark Ages Triggered by Volcano-Related Climate Changes in the 6th Century?  Wohletz also notes that in the 6th Century there were "...periodic agricultural failures and the emergence of the plague..." You will remember that the Guides said there would be two specific types of warnings immediately preceding the Shift and one was, "...the eruptions of ancient volcanoes in Mediterranean islands, South America, and California will result in pestilence."


Other evidence that could support this scenario is The Year Without Summer of 1816. This was believed to have been caused:


....because of the 5 April – 15 April 1815 volcanic eruptions of Mount Tambora on the island of Sumbawa in the Dutch East Indies (in today's Indonesia) which ejected immense amounts of volcanic dust into the upper atmosphere. La Soufrière in Saint Vincent in the Caribbean in 1812, and Mayon in the Philippines in 1814, had already built up atmospheric dust in major eruptions. As is common following a massive volcanic eruption, temperatures fell worldwide owing to less sunlight passing through the atmosphere.



Further details of this strange year of cold can be found here. The next question that should be asked with regard to the above Shift warnings is what would happen if several of these volcanoes would be erupting simultaneously? This could compound problems that are already being observed because of global warming. This paradox is detailed in an article on the NASA website titled A Chilling Possibility. They warn that,


Global warming could plunge North America and Western Europe into a deep freeze, possibly within only a few decades.

That's the paradoxical scenario gaining credibility among many climate scientists. The thawing of sea ice covering the Arctic could disturb or even halt large currents in the Atlantic Ocean. Without the vast heat that these ocean currents deliver--comparable to the power generation of a million nuclear power plants--
Europe's average temperature would likely drop 5 to 10°C (9 to 18°F), and parts of eastern North America would be chilled somewhat less. Such a dip in temperature would be similar to global average temperatures toward the end of the last ice age roughly 20,000 years ago.

The view from orbit clearly shows a long-term decline in the "perennial" Arctic sea ice (the part that remains frozen during the warm summer months). According to a 2002 paper by Josefino Comiso, a climate scientist at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center, this year-round ice has been retreating since the beginning of the satellite record in 1978 at an average rate of 9% per decade. Studies looking at more recent data peg the rate at 14% per decade, suggesting that the decline of Arctic sea ice is accelerating.


Some scientists worry that melting Arctic sea ice will dump enough freshwater into the North Atlantic to interfere with sea currents. Some freshwater would come from the ice-melt itself, but the main contributor would be increased rain and snow in the region. Retreating ice cover exposes more of the ocean surface, allowing more moisture to evaporate into the atmosphere and leading to more precipitation.

Because saltwater is denser and heavier than freshwater, this "freshening" of the North Atlantic would make the surface layers more buoyant. That's a problem because the surface water needs to sink to drive a primary ocean circulation pattern known as the "Great Ocean Conveyor." Sunken water flows south along the ocean floor toward the equator, while warm surface waters from tropical latitudes flow north to replace the water that sank, thus keeping the Conveyor slowly chugging along. An increase in freshwater could prevent this sinking of North Atlantic surface waters, slowing or stopping this circulation.


A recent article from National Geographic "Mini Ice Age" May Be Coming Soon also details this finding:

Researchers at the National Oceanography Centre in Southampton, England, found that the flow of warm ocean currents toward northwest Europe has declined by 30 percent since the 1950s.

The research, to be published tomorrow in the journal
Nature, is based on data collected in a great swath of the Atlantic between West Africa and Florida.

Led by oceanographer Harry Bryden, the team detected other key changes in the overall Atlantic circulation system.

For one thing, there appears to be a 50 percent reduction in the amount of cold, deep water flowing from the North Atlantic to the tropics, the team says.

Also, the researchers found a 50 percent increase in currents circulating within subtropical seas without reaching higher latitudes. More warm waters, that is, are staying put in the tropics.

The study supports computer model predictions suggesting that global warming will switch off the North Atlantic current in the next 50 to 100 years. (See "Global Warming May Alter Atlantic Currents, Study Says.")

"This provides the first evidence that such a slowdown is actually occurring," said Detlef Quadfasel, oceanographer at the University of Hamburg in Germany.


If northern Europe loses this "Great Ocean Conveyer" rapidly instead of 50-100 years from now due to massive worldwide volcanic eruptions that could "darken the Sun" we could have a situation that Cayce foresaw when he said that one of the,


 ....material changes that are to be as an omen, as a sign to those that this is shortly to come to pass.....The upper portion of Europe will be changed as in the twinkling of an eye.



If global warming keeps melting off the perennial Arctic sea ice, then we get massive volcanic eruptions that hasten the slowdown of warm water moving towards Europe, might we see a rapid ice build up in some northern area that is not directly over the North Pole? As the Guides warned, the cause of the Shift,


.....will occur when the ice builds up to the highest degree at the poles, and the imbalance leads to a slip of the Earth on its side.


Support for this theory was given in a forward by none other than Albert Einstein to one of Charles Hapgood’s books in 1953:

In a polar region there is continual deposition of ice, which is not symmetrically distributed about the pole. The earth’s rotation acts on these unsymmetrically deposited masses, and produces centrifugal momentum that is transmitted to the rigid crust of the earth. The constantly increasing centrifugal momentum produced in this way will, when it has reached a certain point, produce a movement of the earth’s crust over the rest of the earth’s body... (Hapgood, 1958, p. 1)







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